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Haunting Lime


Hey guys I’m Hauntinglime. I am 23 years of age and I consider myself an Enthusiast. You could say I’m a Gamer, Photographer, YouTuber, Blogger, Scientist, Tech Junky and Bodybuilder. Impressive resume huh? I try… hopefully I can master many more trades in the years to come.

My current interest include immersing myself in the anime world. Shaki could say I am a Naruto Fanboy but who isn’t. I love Naruto but I love anime in general. I’ve fallen in love with One Piece its slowly becoming my favorite alongside Naruto and Avatar the Last Airbender.

What I hope to achieve in this awesome blog to share with you my ever so changing passions and hopefully get a cult following and TAKE OVER the WORLD…just kidding.

Hope you enjoy my unique style of blogging. 😉

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