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Hi hi, my name is Tessa.

I am supposed to speak a little about myself and tell you about who I am, however I have never been one to babble about myself. I usually get other people to write this sort of thing for me. Yet here we are. So I will skip that and go straight to what I hope to achieve here and what I will write about.

I am not much of a gamer so I will leave that to the others. My geekiness is revealed every time I flick the page of a new manga volume I get my hands on and at the ooh’s and ahh’s as I watch a new episode of anime. Thus I suppose that qualifies me for the title of being an ‘Otaku’.

So I will be writing reviews on various anime, picking apart your favourite characters to reveal sides to them you never knew and creating fun and quirky posts I hope that you will enjoy.

Why Quintessence? I like the sound of it when you say it plus in ancient and medieval philosophy it means ether, the fifth and highest essence or element which was thought to be the constituent matter of the heavenly bodies and latent in all things. Cool huh? Okay so maybe I have a skew sense of the word cool but hey I like it.

As for my age well, I’m an old soul while young at heart and in my early twenties.

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