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Hi! I’m Supernova, not like an actual Supernova, that would be quite devastating and would bring about the end to humanity as we know it. Not to mention, take out a huge chunk of matter in the space-time field that our Galaxy currently occupies. And yes, I’m normally this cheerful all the time! You should see me on first dates, or best not…

I am a hardcore fan of The Lord of The Rings and on rainy days root around in the back of wardrobes hoping to stumble into Middle Earth.

I can be a little shy and introverted but also pretty hyperactive, which has lead me to pursue all the hobbies and interests under the Sun!

I love my books, my guitars and my camera but I also love art, movies, music, science, anime and gaming.. You name it!

I’m in my early 20’s and have graduated from Uni with a certificate that states that I am a ‘Master of Physics’ … Not my words! 🙂

I eagerly await the day The Doctor will come calling and we will disappear to distant stars at the end of the Universe. To Black holes at the centre of Galaxies, with the fabric of all time and space at our fingertips…

But in the meantime, I will write to pass the long hours, hoping to be inspired or perhaps light the spark of inspiration in another wandering soul. So that they too can find their muse and add to the tapestry that is this Universe.

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