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12 Days of Anime Christmas 2013

This is the first official blog series of “Sleeping Geeks” but considering it’s related to anime, I’ve put it under the Anime heading.

There are others in development and stuff that might have a first part done with more to come but this is the one that is officially being given the title of our first blog series…

It’s simply a countdown of my most memorable anime moments from the past year but you can read below to find out more about it.


Day 1 – Eren’s Mom Death Scene

Day 2 – Kirito & Asuna in the Meadow

Day 3 – Roronoa Zoro vs Monet

Day 4 – Trafalgar Law vs Vergo

Day 5 – Aoki’s Frog Punch

Day 6 – Waan’s Journey

Day 7 – Eren’s Death

Day 8 – Luffy Vs Caesar Clown

Day 9 – Sachi’s Death

Day 10 – Dragonslayer Match

Day 11 – SAO Ending

Day 12 – Eren’s Titan Form

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