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Some people aren’t really into Anime, Gaming and TV Shows… (Which is very weird).

However, they do still consider themselves Geek’s of the blogging world. For those people, I shall create an area that is related to blogging. So all the blog posts on “Sleeping Geek” that are focused on blogging will be published here. Well, not published in whole but I’ll leave links so you can clickety click them and read the one’s you fancy.

Designing My Blog!

Reason to Blog! Did You Have One?

Coincidence; Does it Exist?

Reaching the Moon Amongst the Stars

Leibster Award Nomination for Sleeping Geeks

Learning to Recognise Omens and Follow Them

Boxing Day? What the Heck is it?

Why did we become Sleeping Geeks?

Reviews vs Summaries – What’s the Difference?

Blogging vs Time – From a Lazy Geek’s Perspective

Rules of Blogging: Rule #1

Worlds Greatest Consultant Blogger!

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