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I bet you clicked this link wondering what this new feature for Sleeping Geeks was?

Well, let me enlighten you…

Introducing to Sleeping Geeks for 2014 is the Story Board!

We, the Sleeping Geeks shall be creating our own original pieces of writings and art-work in the form of skits, sketches and stories. These will be as much for our own amusement as for yours.

The stories shall comprise of arcs and stories. Some may be part of an overarching plot-line whilst others shall be a single piece of work. These stories shall be based off our own individual characters such as Desperado, Haunting Lime & Detective Loki and each of these stories will be written in a turn-based style.

What we write may or may not be completely fictional, will most definitely be exaggerated and will by no means be scripted. This is what I like to call free style role-playing where each writer must respond to the words of the writers that have written before him. Each story shall have a different setting based on different events and will be released in the form of chapters and episodes.

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as we do and please do leave your feedback on the idea and themes you would like to see us write about.

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